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About us

Pet Direct NZ Ltd is the sole importer and distributor in New Zealand of Vetafarm products from Australia and we are passionate about how superior their range of foods and supplements are. We are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. From here we supply to breeders, vet clinics and retail stores across all corners of our fabulous country, so no matter where you live your birds, reptiles and small animals can enjoy the benefits that Vetafarm can bring them.

Are you an Avian breeder, vet clinic or retail store and are interested in using or stocking our products? Please contact us we would love to hear from you!

Try our range of Vetafarm products – your animals will love you for it!


Vetafarm is an Australian owned and operated company focused on research, development, and the manufacture of animal health products – specifically in the field of exotic and unusual pets. Vetafarm currently employs over 40 highly specialised staff members and produces a diverse range of specifically designed products for a range of animals. If it’s too hard or too weird for other manufacturers, it is our speciality.

Vetafarm was started in the late 1980’s as a small rural practice by two Veterinarians who identified the need for information, services and products for unusual companion animals. Many veterinarians at the time were using dog and cat medications for unusual pets, most of which weren’t ideal for the applications in which they were used. There were no ‘off the shelf’ alternatives for these unusual companion animals, so Vetafarm created them.

Vetafarm now produce a growing range of over 400 specialised products, each one purposefully and caringly developed to improve the quality of life of a huge range of specific animals.

With an ever-increasing desire to push the boundaries of the unknown and an expanding team of talented and passionate people to explore these possibilities, Vetafarm’s list of products in the research and development stage currently sits at 40 – with many more exciting and innovative products still to come!

The benefit about stocking the Vetafarm bird food range is that there is a complementing supplements and pharmaceutical range, which offers such replacements for Ornithon which of course is now deleted within New Zealand. Vetafarm is imported regularly into New Zealand ensuring optimum freshness.